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Travel with a focus on genuine, close, raw experiences to the most progressive destinations in Norway.

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The right place and experience tailored to your needs

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The places


Find focus by the ocean

In lush nature and architecture


Up close with the spectacular Arctic

Wilderness luxury and trail biking

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Elevated in the treetops

Where the fjord meets the glacier


The sea and the horizon from the shore

Real adventure in Finnmark


The green heart of the World Heritage

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A rural oasis in the heart of the Norwegian fjords.


We help you find the place and the experience for you

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Beyond sustainability

Sustainability is a word that is often used, but it is also a word that neither explains what we do and what we stand for, nor does it fulfill the ambitions Ærli has. We must go beyond sustainability, because humanity's way of living and consuming no longer sustain this planet. We need to repair, restore and regenerate. Just the way nature does it.

That is why we have joined together in a knowledge network to learn from each other and learn from nature, to innovate in the tourism industry and create local communities that give back more than what we consume.

We are a collection of nine of Norway's finest places, and we are passionate entrepreneurs who have created unique places. You will learn and get unique experiences as you have put sustainability on the agenda and want to make a difference. We have places from Svalbard in the north to Finnskogen in the east. The destinations are created on the premises of the place and run by local entrepreneurs with the goal of a new form of tourism.

If you want to discover our fantastic country as a tourist or if you and your colleagues need inspiration and new ideas, you are welcome. Nature, architecture, and food creates the setting for the experiences. In the encounters with nature and architecture, as well as with other people and with yourself, you will find knowledge and ground for new growth. Our quality promise is to give you experiences that are real, close and raw.

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People with passion & visions have created Norway's finest places and experiences.

"Here you can learn about organic farming and the 'green bridge'. Fly fishing, legends and stories related to the World Heritage area, and to the West Norwegian fjord landscape. How to live green, with an appreciation of the cultural heritage. "

- Bjørn & Tone at 292 Aurland

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"The luxury of having enough, is in the architecture. The importance of not lying you'll find in the encounter with nature. "

Håvard Lund, The Arctic Hideaway

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About us

Ærli is an initiative of Leif Øverland and Æra Strategic Innovation, with the ambition to deliver soulful and real experiences, and to give guests the opportunity to create more than the footprint they leave behind. Ærli contributes with knowledge exchange, innovation and sustainability for the finest places and their creators in Norway.

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