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Åmot farm

When you walk across the courtyard at Åmot farm, time opens up. You are enveloped in stories of living off and with nature. You are invited to look back - and you are filled with a desire to create new narratives.

Åmot farm invites you to presence. Here and now. Rural idyll, locally sourced culinary delight, warm handshakes, and unparalleled comfort.

The creative power of previous generations is etched into both the farm's history and within me, explains Steinar Sørli. As the fifth-generation farm owner, he aims to recreate the atmosphere of generous, serene hospitality he remembers from childhood summers with family gathered in the courtyard and garden. Hospitality is a cornerstone for us, emphasizes Steinar. Close to nature, surrounded by the cultural landscape of the courtyard, we provide a framework for profound reflection and strategic thinking when people gather with us, he concludes.

Åmot farm is situated along the Gaula salmon river, beneath the mountains north of the Dalsfjorden in Sunnfjord. A small place for significant events. We recommend this beautiful location for those looking to ponder deep thoughts or celebrate successes and other joys.

There is no lack of anything at Åmot farm. Rather, there is something indefinably generous about the transformed farm. The rooms are as exquisite as the bathrooms are delicate. Nevertheless, you are drawn to the communal areas. Towards the living rooms, towards the courtyard, towards nature. Åmot farm is a place for simple luxury, strong community, and beautiful surroundings. The fjord and the mountain are both essential parts of the experience you partake in. And, practically speaking, you have the fjord almost to yourself, as cruise ships do not come here. The trip up to Storehesten - not to mention the view - touches everyone. Crafted on the farm, they create the framework you and your guests need. Because everything is tailored here. Welcome to the farm!

Facts Åmot farm

Location: Bygstad, Sunnfjord
(10 minutter fra Førde flyplass)

Number of guest: Up to 14 people

Meeting room facilities: Large meeting room with good lighting conditions

Activities: Fjord and mountain tours

Sustainability initiatives:

Opening hours: Open all year round.

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